How and Why to Acquire a Second Passport Legally

Best Second Passport & Best Economic Citizenship

by Philip Thomas, Expat Extraordinaire

The most commonly asked question I receive on a weekly basis always involves the issue of obtaining a second passport. Clearly there is a strong desire to have a second passport not only in the fringe marketplace but also in mainstream culture. It seems the natives are restless.

Nearly every day we get an inquiry as to how to obtain a second passport, but the most common question is always, “Why?”

The twin towers bombings from 2001 and the global economic crisis have exposed cracks in the foundations of western countries. People’s perceptions are changing especially in regards to peoples safety, privacy, and liberty. We are no longer willing to entrust our life and our freedom to the vagaries of any one government. Most of us no longer trust government as being a modality that is capable of creating liberty.

The world is going global and more and more of us are discovering that we can make better livings abroad and that the possession of a 2nd Passport increases our degree of freedom, our latitude of movement and protects the money we earn from unfair taxation.

From a safety standpoint, even the most casual knowledge of history shows that a second passport can easily save your life. Those that need one in a desperate hour may have wished they had made the effort to acquire one when the opportunity was upon them.

For you American readers, there could conceivably come a day when obtaining a second passport becomes impossible. With all the new protectionist and privacy laws been thrust upon the American people, the door may soon be shut effectively locking you inside your home country with no option of moving. It has happened before in other countries and it can certainly happen in America.

On a positive note, there are huge opportunities to be gained by having a second passport. Up until the past few years, America has been the land of opportunity where entrepreneurship and investments have flourished. Globalization and technology have opened up the doors to the world and for the first time in America’s history it is now easier to make more money outside of America than inside.

The new expats are going to smaller countries with faster growth rates. They are also migrating towards pristine and peaceful nations where real estate is still a bargain. They are working globally as telecommuters and they are using the internet to make a living in cyberspace. There is a huge uprising of border-less entrepreneurship – and border-less is where you want to be.

A second passport gives us a continuing second option like a global insurance policy allowing us to make use of various countries for the better attributes while avoiding the less than ideal qualities. In reality it provides you with a better and unified set of options not available to Americans with only one passport.

When the doors of opportunity are shut or freedom is restricted in one country through various means like exchange controls or emergency emigration legislation to stop the outflow of intelligence or capital, your second passport is literally your ‘passport’ to freedom. There will be a breaking point in America and other nations where they feel control is rapidly deteriorating and measures will be taken to reign in the nations’ subjects.

Do you want to live free? Or will you be content as a slave to the state with 50% of your productive earnings going towards the nanny state legislation designed to keep you under control? What are we really talking about here? We are talking about freedom; the ability to move ourselves and our family as well as our financial and physical assets to a jurisdiction we feel is better suited to our future success. Is that wrong to want the best for ourselves and our families? Is it a crime to want to survive and prosper? Do you love your family enough to ensure their freedom?

Below are 7 reasons you will soon wish you had a second passport:

  • Exchange controls inside the United States are now eminent, it is only a matter of time.
  • The United States Government in order to prevent massive capital displacement will slam exchange controls in place suddenly and without warning, those that have not taken preventive measures will be trapped along with their assets.
  • The United States government will place ‘emergency emigration legislation’ in place overnight in order to prevent a massive out-flux of emigrants seeking lower taxes and better jobs abroad.  They will have a different name for it, something like “Save the Children Campaign” and they will only be acting to prevent you from moving abroad to save your children from harm.  The name won’t matter. The result will be the same. Without a second passport your chances of escaping will be nil.
  • Countless Americans are now leaving America. As pointed out in the book Escape From America, the State Department is not releasing the actual numbers. If you’ve read Escape From America and you still want to remain in America then getting a second passport is the one sure insurance policy you can get that you won’t lose everything or become trapped when the doors are suddenly closed. Too many Americans are waking up to these issues for it to remain a secret. When it becomes common knowledge, only common people with common brains will be unprepared.
  • With a second passport,  your basic human right of travel is almost unrestricted and will remain so.
  • With only one passport you will find that you are not allowed to work or settle in another country and that you will not be able to make the shift to a border-less economy or lifestyle.
  • Your finances and your life are going to become more and more threatened by your country’s political instability from race riots to run away taxation. A second passport is a second option, one that remains eternally present in a dresser drawer. Something you can count on when the chips are down. You can do as you please and act as you please, because you always have more than one option and no master.

Should I even mention the tax benefits available? Or how not to get caught in Big Brother’s tax net? In recent years, many countries have been altering their tax code thus making financial privacy difficult at best. However, if you have more than one nationality you can reduce and even legally eliminate your tax burden. Most high-tax countries exempt foreigners who live there for less than 6 months in a given year and some even have multi-year exemptions like Sweden. Once you obtain your second passport you can live tax free in these high-tax countries as a foreigner.

Certainly we have all heard the stories from “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”. By having a second passport you can enjoy that type of lifestyle once only the secret of multimillionaires. Don’t you think they all have a second passport? It has always been my experience that if you want to live like the multimillionaires, you need to emulate their choices.

Today there is no need to run afoul of the law or even be a multimillionaire to acquire that coveted second passport. There are multiple was to obtain one now as many smaller countries have programs in place to attract educated workers and capital.

Do you want to learn the truth behind second passport deals? Each country has its own citizenship rules – some welcome individuals with ancestral or cultural history while others recognize your religious connections. Some are available for buying real estate while others only require your residency for a certain period of time.

The quickest and easiest way to acquire citizenship is through state contributions, or investment in the state. Or simply put, purchasing citizenship. These are considered programs for individuals who act as financial benefactors or special investors.

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  1. Interested in second passport & citizenship. What countries are easily available. Would prefer New Zealand. My grandmother was born in Ireland, my grandfather was born in England, my dad was raised in New Zealand after being born in the USA. Lost his status when he became an American citizen. My mother was born in the Philippines. Her mother born in Spain, father in Portugese Hong Kong. What do I do? I was born in San Francisco. Thank you.

    • It seems you have a variety of options. If I were in you shoes I would look into a couple of them. The Irish and British passports would likely be your easiest route to a 1st world passport. New Zealand could also be an option. Philippines is likely and easy option, but a less valuable travel document. Most countries allow citizenship through ancestry if you are within 2 generations so you do have various options. You just need to take action.

      • hi my mom came from the philippines, became a us citizen, and I want to know where I can find info on getting a 2nd passport there. I was born in the us. Or is all the info necessary only on paid for services? I just want to see what’s required and if its for me

        • Hi There, we have info on buying second citizenship and passports at You might be able to qualify through your family history / nationality in Philippines. For that, you will need to find a local attorney.

  2. Tried in Belize. Got scammed! Now what? Would like a 2nd passport!

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  3. I would like information on obtaining a 2nd passport and citizenship in less than a year.

    • Hello John,
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  4. Yes, I am interested in a second passport and citizenship, please tell me more about it and can it be done “without spending your lifes savings” in less than a year??? (I don;t have much for lifes savings but I still want options!

    • Please contact the author using the form at the end of the article.

    • Hi Jill,
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  5. interested in more info

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  6. I am interested in obtaining a second passport. Curious on the best way to do this….

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      There are a multitude of ways depending on you personal situation. Feel free to contact the author using the form below the article for details.

  7. I am interested

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  8. i would like info on getting a second passport in less than one year

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  9. Most of my relatives are 4th generation, but my family needs the protection of options quickly.

    • Hi Lorie, depending on your needs and situation there are options. Please contact the author using the form below the article.

  10. hi there
    Please send some info on obtaining a second passport. I lived in sierra leone for 14 years and i should have gotten one then. my wife is from there and it would have been fairly easy.
    thank you and have a good day

    • Hi Gregg,
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  11. As an American, for us to have to need a second passport is a signof the troubled times….help me ..please contact me for information and direction to get thwe second passport….soon! Thanks. JJ

  12. interested in info on obtaining a 2nd passport.

  13. yes, I am interested in getting a second passport in less than one year. Thank you.

  14. I am American and interested in 2nd passport. Retired and have limited funds, certainly not $19k.
    Please let me know what to do, where to go.

    thank you very much

  15. Is this the form? There is nowhere else to contact you.

    • The form is there now.

  16. Looking for a second passport, I am two generations removed from My Grandfather who came from Italy.

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  18. where’s the form?

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  19. HI,
    Would like info on second passport. Parents both native-born British citizens. I was born in South Africa, took out Canadian naturalization in order to emigrate to the US and was naturalized early as a result of military service. Am currently an American citizen. Thanks, Chris

    • Chris,
      Please contact the author using the contact form below the article. Thanks.






  20. I would like information on obtaining a 2nd passport. I do not have the advantage of being able to obtain citizenship through ancestry.

    Thank you.

  21. Check out the You-Tube video “Sovereign World Citizen Garry Davis Crosses Canada-USA Border with World Passport” Even Obama has one of these passports. Very interesting. Refugees have been using these passports for years, however some countries will give you a hard time if this is the ONLY passport in your possession.

  22. Please send Info regarding the obtaining of a second PP.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Talulah,
      Please contact the author using the contact form following the article.

  23. If you’re Jewish or have Jewish parents or grandparents (documentation required in all cases) and are willing to immigrate, an Israeli passport is easy to obtain and currently offers visa-free travel to 142 countries. Citizenship is instant upon declaring your intention to make aliyah ( to officials at Ben-Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv. After the first 90 days as a new immigrant, you’re entitled to receive a Teudat Ma’avar (travel document in lieu of national passport) and a Darkon (passport) will be issued after one year of residence. Visit and for more information.

    • Thanks for the additional information Dave. This could help several readers.

  24. Yes, I am interested in obtaining a second passport. Please inform me of the necessary steps to be taken.

    • Hi Eugene,
      Please contact the author using the contact form after the article.

  25. My parents are from Canada and I would like a Canadian citizenship and passport.

  26. It seems like this discussion of a second passport is not only limited to asset protection. What is most interesting is that there are a lot of [relatively] inexpensive options.

    Good to see that awareness is increasing. There is so much out there in the outside world once you leave the nest.

  27. “Exchange controls inside the United States are now eminent”

    I believe this should be “imminent”. Eminent means respected in a field, or having a positive quality, which exchange controls definitely don’t.

  28. anyone know where I can get a passport so I can escape USA?

  29. I would like information on obtaining a 2nd passport and citizenship in less than a year.

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