The No Stress Retirement Plan

by Jon Hanna, Panama Offshore Legal Services

Asset Protection in Panama – Earn up to 9% on Your Cash

Reading this article could change your life forever, for the good. Most successful people invest for the future, and plan their retirements, envisioning themselves retiring between 55 to 65 years of age, spending their days fishing or playing golf in Florida.

However, retirement planning is probably the most challenging it has ever been. The financial world today is in absolute chaos. US Treasury bonds are yielding almost zero, and the Fed won’t likely be increasing rates any time soon. Global stock markets are highly overvalued, and as volatile and risky as ever. Global real estate markets are so unstable that bank foreclosures are at all time highs. Inflation is rampant in almost every sector of the global economy. The frenzy for commodities has pushed gold and silver to outrageous prices.

Consequently, the question of where to park our retirement savings is a major cause of stress these days. For over 100 years, we have been conditioned that the best place to invest for retirement is in the stock market. “Diversify in stocks for the long run”, the Wall Street brokers say, while studies show that 90% of non-professional stock traders fail, yet ironically the brokers get paid their trade commissions even when you are losing money.

Then there are the pension funds, mutual funds, and managed portfolios that the government forces us into through our so called tax deferred retirement accounts, which rarely reach their benchmarks, and again the brokers are usually the only people making money by charging management fees, expense ratios, and trade commissions that eat the dismal profits, if any.

For those who stick to the “buy and hold” stock strategy, hoping the market goes up, the problem is that the stock market goes in two directions, up and down. If you happen to retire the year the market had a major correction, you may find yourself 60 years old and forced to work another 10 to 15 years – well, lets’ just say you can forget spending your 60’s and early 70’s playing golf in Florida. Investment models and historical returns are meaningless when external forces like 9/11 or the debt mortgage crisis take their tolls on the stock markets.


When most people buy stocks, they buy them purely on emotion, not on actual due diligence of financial and fundamental analysis. The reality is that most people don’t have the time, the inclination, nor the ability to objectively analyze a company’s present value let alone evaluate it’s future, which means they are ill equipped to invest in stocks because without that information they are essentially gambling.


The only way to truly accomplish your plans with accuracy and certainty is through fixed income investments that allow you to calculate the exact amount of time and money you need to save to retire on.

It’s not often that we come across opportunities that enable us to retire according to plan. Spending your retirement days fishing or golfing in Florida is now a reality, thanks to 9% compounded CD’s through Credit Unions in Panama. Yes, you heard that right, Panamanian credit unions are some of the most stable, secure financial institutions in the world today with healthy balance sheets and a growing economy.

With a Panama credit union retirement CD, earning 9% compounded interest, a $300,000 investment turns into $1,150,000 in 15 years. Deposit the $1,150,000 in a 5 year CD at 8% interest, and earn a nice income of $7,660 per month. You are now golfing in Florida.

There are over 150 credit unions in Panama, however, the particular credit union we are referring to here is one formed over 40 years ago by the employees of the largest government ministry in the country, with over 30,000 employees of which 15,000 are credit union members.

Credit Unions in Panama are licensed, registered, regulated cooperatives of savings and credit for employees of various industries and government agencies.

Since credit unions are tax free, non-profit organizations allowing all profits to be paid back in the form of interest to depositors, they are able to pay higher interest rates to their depositors than banks can.
Credit unions are considered by many professionals to be more secure and less risky than banks because they are limited to borrowing up to four times their paid-in capital while banks can borrow up to 10 times their capital, meaning credit unions have less exposure to lower economic cycles or high debt obligations.

Plus, credit unions are limited to making loans within the parameters of their intended purposes, with average loans under $5,000, requiring direct debit payments from the borrowers’ government salary, and mandatory insurance to pay off the loan in the event of death or loss of job – hence extremely low loan default rates.

There has never been a failed credit union in Panama, and they were not even phased by the global economic debt crisis, with a booming economy boasting double-digit growth for the last 4 years.

With Panama credit unions, you can earn 4% interest on savings accounts, up to 8% interest on CD’s, and 9% interest on retirement savings accounts. They can pay higher interest rates to their depositors because they charge an average 14% interest on loans.

Although most Panama credit unions restrict membership to Panamanian residents that work in specific industries, there are a few credit unions that do accept outsiders through a professional introduction.

Similar to Panama banks, credit unions offer strict banking secrecy. The earned interest in credit union accounts and CD’s are tax free in Panama, as interest is not taxed in Panama.

Credit unions are especially attractive to retirees who are seeking a safe, fixed income investment, since credit unions offer more competitive interest rates for savings, CD’s, and retirement accounts.

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  1. Hi, this is a great post! Thanks..

  2. First of all there is no stress retirement plan. We have been born to this earth to experience suffering, lies, robbery, assault, scams, and the only retirement that everyone will enjoy is like today when Steve Jobs passed away. You may have spent all your life paying for social security to die before you get it. Our treasures turn to rust and dust, so life is meant to be and do what you can do now, and be happy you can. Power and wealth is all but an illusion, because they are also Professional Scams. Why do we go to College or Prominent Universities? To learn to be the best Professional Scam Artist one can be.

    • Good luck in your endeavors. It seems to be a sad existence. Enjoy.

      • Yeah Sad, because of the crooks who control Wall Street and our Government, to push their War agenda around the world to steal Oil from Oil Rich resource Countries. Your phoney retirement plans is nothing but a front but to get money to fund your out of control military complex.

        • Uh, right. Did you even read the article, or just the title and you made an assumption? There is nothing phony about the retirement plan presented. Actually, its as safe as it gets. Up to 9% interest on cash, guaranteed deposits, never a failure, and outside of the US.

          • I read it. Panama Credit Union setup by the US Corporations. They didn’t take out Noriega for nothing,

          • Nice. Arrogance and ignorance. Great combo.

  3. Why do you think they call it escape wealth? So you will lose it.

    • Sounds like the typical arrogant BBBB comment.

      • Yeah right. Tell that to all the Bernie Madoff Victims, and people who lost their money from the crackpot intelligent people on Wall Street.

  4. What exactly do you suggest? Isn’t that the main purpose of this dicussion? Remember to shed light on your idea?

    • I would suggest contacting Mr. Hanna through the form at the bottom of the article for more details.

  5. Very good subject matter. I have discovered a whole lot interesting things right here. Continue.

  6. There are some very solid banks and credit unions in Panama.

    Having lived in Latin America (Costa Rica) for 12 years I can tell you that the main problem in Panama, and much of Latin America is extremely poor customer service.

    So if you can deal with the poor service, then risk is minimal, certainly less than the USA or most of Europe these days.



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